Green Logistics: Towards a Sustainable Future in Transportation and Distribution

Green logistics emerges as an innovative and crucial solution to address environmental challenges while enhancing the operational efficiency of businesses. This sustainability-focused approach transforms how companies manage their logistics operations, with significant positive outcomes. Definition and Objectives of Green Logistics: Green logistics, also known as sustainable logistics, represents a strategic approach aimed at integrating eco-friendly […]

Published on February 11, 2024
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AfCFTA in Morocco: Towards Enhanced African Integration in 2024

At the threshold of a new era of economic integration in Africa, Morocco fully embraces the opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This article highlights Morocco’s pivotal role in this transformative initiative, underscoring its commitment to deeper African economic integration. Through key measures such as commercial reciprocity, customs adjustments, and the […]

Published on February 5, 2024
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