CloudFret Launches Its New Feature!

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At CloudFret, our passion lies in simplifying the daily operations of carriers and shippers. Aware of the challenges they face, we have developed a new feature on our mobile application, dedicated to enhancing their efficiency and expanding their opportunities. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to supporting the transportation and logistics ecosystem.

The Challenges of Road Carriers

Road carriers face several obstacles: increased competition, difficulties in finding profitable loads, costly empty returns, and complex management of their fleet availability. These challenges not only diminish their profitability but also complicate the optimization of their operations, leading to inefficient resource use and a greater environmental impact.

CloudFret’s Solutions

To address these issues, CloudFret offers a platform where carriers can easily access load offers, enabling them to maximize the use of their trucks and reduce unnecessary trips.

But that’s not all! We have gone further in our quest for innovation to improve our users’ experience.

The New Feature

A Revolution in the Industry!

CloudFret introduces the ability for carriers to publish the availability of their trucks directly on the application. This flagship feature opens a new channel of direct communication between carriers and shippers, facilitating connection and negotiation. The benefits are numerous:

For carriers, it means fewer empty trips and better route planning.

For shippers, it guarantees finding transportation solutions tailored to their specific needs, thus optimizing time and costs.



Testimonial from a Satisfied Carrier

To illustrate the impact of our new feature, we share with you the testimonial of Saadia, a carrier partner of CloudFret:



CloudFret’s innovation is another step towards a greener and more efficient logistics. We are proud to contribute to the evolution of the transportation and logistics sector and remain committed to developing solutions that meet the needs of our community. Join us in this logistics revolution and discover how we can help you optimize your operations.

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