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CloudFret Fuel Offer Drive further, spend less!

Optimized for the needs of small and medium-sized transport companies, this offer is a comprehensive solution for managing fuel expenses while enjoying exclusive benefits and Extended Payment terms!

An essential asset for transportation professionals

Who can benefit from the Carburant CloudFret offer?

Exclusively designed for small and medium-sized carriers partnering with CloudFret. It's a key to increased efficiency, savings on every liter of fuel, and ultimately, a path to success.

If you're not yet a CloudFret partner, sign up now to unlock the exclusive benefits reserved for our community!

Why choose the Carburant CloudFret offer?

Extended payment deadlines

Allowing you to manage your cash flow with ease


Fuel discount

Save on every fill-up

Simplified management

Easy expense tracking


How does it work?

1. Registration and Commitment

Start by registering via the CloudFret application.

Increase your eligibility by actively participating in the proposed transportation opportunities.

2. Expression of Interest

Express your interest by filling out the form to help us better understand your needs.

3. Selection and Activation

Once selected, you will receive your card and immediately start saving on every liter of fuel purchased, thus lightening your financial burden.

The Carburant CloudFret offer makes your life easier!

Don't wait any longer, download the application
and enjoy exclusive offers

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• Who can benefit from the Carburant CloudFret offer?

This offer is exclusively available to small and medium-sized transport partners of CloudFret.

If you are not yet a partner, we invite you to register now to take advantage of our offers.

• What are the main advantages of the Carburant CloudFret offer?

Beneficiaries of the offer enjoy discounts on fuel and an extended payment period of up to 60 days for optimized financial management.

• How can I be eligible for the Carburant CloudFret Offer?

Registration is simple and intuitive via the CloudFret application. Follow the instructions to strengthen your eligibility and join our network of transport partners.

• How does the Carburant CloudFret Offer contribute to sustainability?

We actively support carriers in optimizing their resources, anchoring our efforts in a vision of sustainability and digital innovation.

• Are there any fees associated with using the Carburant CloudFret Offer?

Obtaining the offer is free of charge. Our goal is to provide an accessible and advantageous solution for our transport partners, without hidden costs.

• In case of a problem or question, how can I contact support?

Our support team is available to assist you. You can contact us via our website, or by phone at the number provided on our contact platform.