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We reduce empty returns running by freight trucks

We reduce empty returns running by freight trucks

By integrating AI, our commitment is to optimize transport operations by connecting shippers with carriers to save costs for shippers, increase carrier revenues, while reducing CO2 emissions in the environment.


Minimize the unused, Maximize the revenue

Connect with a wide network of shippers, benefit from fast payments, and the best market prices

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More choices, fewer worries

Opt for road transport of your goods and benefit from a varied fleet and competitive rates

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is the first digital platform that links the two shores of the Mediterranean by connecting shippers to an extensive and reliable network of carriers from Europe and Africa

CloudFret’s Tailored Shipping Solutions

Whether you need to fill an entire truck or just a part of it, We have the right option to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Ideal for large shipments that require a dedicated truck, our FTL service ensures direct and uninterrupted delivery.

Choose FTL for:

  • Speed: Direct routing minimizes delivery delays.

  • Safety: Fewer handling means less risk of damage.

  • Exclusivity: A truck fully reserved for your goods.

Plan Your Full Transport

LTL Groupage

Perfect for smaller shipments or those not requiring a full truck, LTL allows for sharing loading space, combining economy and ecology.

Choose LTL for:

  • Speed: Payment only for the space used.

  • Safety: Perfect fit for shipping small quantities.

  • Exclusivity: Reduced CO2 emissions through space sharing, optimizing resources and protecting the environment.

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CloudFret transforms transportation industry

Thanks to a unique and flexible logistics marketplace in the digital age


Our Marketplace smartly connects transport tenders with loading capacities to promote cost optimization for shippers and carriers


Our Artificial Intelligence module allows us to predict your empty returns by optimizing them, by aggregating all the carrier data available in our system


You can create your order easily, book your shipment instantly, track and master all your shipping processes in real time troughthout our geolocation system


We have digitized all the freight shipping process, from the creation of your order to the delivery of your goods, allowing you a real time access to your dematrializied documents


Increase your customer satisfaction rate and save time by anticipating your delivery delays by receiving instant alerts


Streamline your information flows with your network to gain operational efficiency and team productivity

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ISO Certifications

CloudFret is committed to quality and continuous improvement, for environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as for workplace safety and health

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